Braintree Auth is in closed beta. Contact us to express interest.

Braintree Auth enables ecommerce platforms and merchant service providers to connect with Braintree merchants and take authorized actions on their behalf.

For example, if you are a provider of merchant services such as invoicing, accounting, or analytics, Braintree Auth delivers a simple and familiar way for your merchants to connect their Braintree and PayPal merchant accounts to your platform and grant you access to their customer and transaction data.

Or, as the owner of an ecommerce platform, shopping cart, or recurring billing service, you can seamlessly enable credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay on the web payments for your merchants through a single onboarding flow.

You also have the option to create transactions on behalf of your merchants using payment methods stored in your own Vault using Shared Vault transactions. Alternatively, you can build on top of your Braintree Auth integration with the Grant API, which allows you to securely share your vaulted payment methods with other connected Braintree merchants.

Sample application

To help jump start your integration we've built a Braintree Auth sample application for your reference.

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